Who We Are



Los Angeles native Tina Tangalakis always sought to combine her love of art and humanitarian work. As a student, she studied costume design at California Institute of the Arts and later went on to work as a wardrobe stylist for film and television. In September 2009, Tina participated in a volunteer program abroad which landed her in Hohoe, Ghana. There she quickly became enamored with the culture and warm hearts of the friends she made. With her background in business and design, Tina teamed up with a local entrepreneur, Selorm "Nii" Addotey, to begin Della, a socially responsible fashion line that provides jobs, education and skills training to women and men of Hohoe.


Tina Tangalakis

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Los Angeles

Fun Fact: Tina makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. That, and she’s addicted to iced tea.

Where do you look for inspiration? My main influences are classic, vintage style. My love for design began when I fell in love with fashion history and how social trends reflect in how people dress. Today I seek to bridge modern design with classic style, while bringing traditional Ghanaian textiles into the mix. It’s fun, I love it.


Co-Founder & Operations Manager, Ghana

Fun Fact:Outside of Della, Nii runs a porridge company out of his granny’s kitchen.

Do you have a secret talent?

If I told you, then it wouldn’t really be a secret anymore, would it?

Nii has been a part of Della since it’s beginning in 2009. Without his dedication, hard work & commitment to improving his community, Della would not be where it is today.


Head Seamstress, Ghana

Fun Fact:The other seamstresses call her “Mama Christ” because she is the holiest woman in the workroom.

What would you say to someone who would want to visit Ghana?I would tell them that Ghana is a very good and peaceful country. We have good land for farmers to farm and the crops come out very well. We always have food. If you want to buy things, you can easily get them. People walk all around town selling food on their head for people to buy.

Rachael Curtin

Director of Operations, LA & Ghana

Fun Fact: She recently started communicating with the ladies in Ghanaian pig Latin.

How would you describe Ghana?Ghana is Mama Christie offering to share her meal with me every evening. It’s a hug from Aggie when she’s caked in mud. It’s a free mango, a helping hand, pink skies and untouched green. It’s also dirty feet, bucket showers, sweaty faces and farm animals on the porch. It’s a place not unlike most, but filled with the most welcoming and generous people.

Esenam Nyahe

Head Seamstress, Ghana

Fun Fact:She once lived with a German family who got her hooked on pancakes.

What is your favorite past time?Acting! I love it. I like to fool around and have fun. Once I was acting in a scene where I had a sick daughter and the husband couldn’t afford the hospital bills. I had to act really, really mad. It was fun because I didn’t know I could act to that extent.


Team Leader, Ghana

Fun Fact:Lydia wears a fleece cheetah print conductors hat to work every day. She rocks it.

Do you listen to music during the day?I listen to all types of music. I like to play Rhianna while I’m working. Songs like “Umbrella” help me concentrate. I put on my big yellow headphones and just sew, sew, sew. Sometimes I bring a speaker and play my music in the workroom for the other ladies to listen to. They like my music, too.

Monica Katzenell

Art Direction, Los Angeles

Fun Fact:Monica collects cacti and lusts over mid-century modern furniture.

How long have you been working for Della?My first emails with Tina date back to 2009 when we were introduced by a mutual friend.
I was immediately in love with the mentality, mission, and beautiful products of this promising start-up company. As Della has grown over the years, so has it's visual identity; it's been rewarding to help shape that look through design every step of the way!


Head Seamstress, Ghana

Fun Fact:Ruby’s favorite musicians are R. Kelly, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

What do you and the ladies talk about during the work day?Sometimes we discuss about our boyfriends and laugh at them. We like to make fun of each other. When someone sews a Della label on backwards, we tease them. We also like to sing gospel songs together while we sew.